Objects of ritual matters / 2018

Introducing the latest work series of ceramic artist Jojo Corväiá ‘Objects Of Ritual Matters’.

These pieces were made in Berlin on the winter time 2017-2018. They constitute a body of work of significant size, and a combination of different techniques and materials, including Volcanic clay, Porcelain and Ceramic.

In this series, the artist introduces his prototypes for furniture, made completely out of a single piece of ceramic.

Winter 2017-2018 / Volcanic Clay / Porcelain / Ceramic




J O J O    C O R V Ä I Á    K E R A M I K    S T U D I O   ·   B E R L I N

n e w s l e t t e r



Jojo Corväiá’s Online Store is almost ready to open, with a very friendly user experience design, and so many details to each ceramic piece…
Textures, edges, dimensions, weight, you name it. Each piece has been photographed in high quality for you to see “everything”.

The Online Store is opening with very special introductory prices 🙂

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your order with your name or a special message like
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You will find recommended uses to each piece, along with care instructions. But you should already know that the Volcano Line is Oven Safe and Dishwasher safe…



We are launching the OnlineStore starting with 4 Main Categories:





We make sure Small Pieces are included in our inventory so you have a wide range of options for your new ceramic collection.



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