TIM RAUE / My Way… I’m privileged to have my ceramic work presenting three phenomenal recipes from the best chef of the country that now is my home.

Callway Editors just published TIM RAUE’s My Way. Tim is one of the most celebrated chefs in Europe, and this cook book is photographed by two super star talents behind cameras, Nils Hasenau, and the food photographer Joerg Lehmann.

I met Joerg back in July 2017. He came to my studio looking for some interesting ceramics. I still don’t remember how he knew about my work. Mysteries of the Universe, I’m sure.

I will always remember the day I met Joerg, he was so honest about my work, so sensitive and excited. We clicked instantly.

Today I picked up my copy of the first book in which my ceramics are published. Thank you Joerg.

This book is not only a testament of my perseverance, it’s an award. Tim Raue is a legend in Europe. In 2007 the Gault-Millau voted him the cook of the year. His cuisine owns Michelin stars and 18 points in the Gault-Millau. A cookbook titled Aromen [R]Evolution published Raue in 2008 with great success. Also in 2008, Raue joined the Fund Group’s Adlon Collection as a culinary director who ran five restaurants on the back of the Pariser Platz in the Hotel Adlon. There he opened the restaurants Ma Tim Raue (Chinese-inspired cuisine), Uma (Japanese inspired) and the Shochu bar in Berlin. After a few months, Ma Tim Raue was given a Michelin star. The Gault Millau scored the Ma Tim Raue with 18 points and the Uma with 17 points.

In September 2010, Raue opened the restaurant Tim Raue in Berlin-Kreuzberg. In the same year, he sat in the jury of the television broadcasting Germany’s masterpiece. Since December 2011 Tim Raue has been advertising for a weight reduction company. In 2012 the restaurant Tim Raue was awarded two Michelin stars.

On 16 May 2013, Tim Raue, who also owns the studio Tim Raue and runs the Sra Bua by Tim Raue, opened the La Soupe Populaire (Soup for All) as the third restaurant in Berlin. It is located in the former Bötzow brewery on Prenzlauer Allee. The Soupe Populaire was rated in 2013 by the Guide Michelin with a Bib Gourmand and the Gault Millau with 13 points.

In April 2014 Raues restaurant Tim Raue made his way into the British The World’s 50 Best Restaurants at No. 78. But in June 2015, Raue improved and came to 52th place.

Now he is is number 39 in the world. And certainly the number one in Germany.

I’m privileged to have my ceramic work presenting three phenomenal recipes from the best chef of the country that now is my home.

Jubal Battisti

American Photographer Jubal Battisti portraits Ceramic artist Jojo Corväiá www.jubalbattisti.com

JUBAL BATTISTI / Pittsburgh born, New York grown, and Europe refined. He combines his extensive movement experience with photographic tools to create imagery that explore the gulf between body and spirit. A graduate of The Juilliard School and the New York Institute of Photography, his photographic work has appeared in Elle Decor Magazine, Metro NY, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and the Silver Eye Center of Photography. His images have also been displayed in Dance Magazine, Tanz, and Playbill, as well as exhibited at the Peridance Capezio Center in NYC and GöteborgsOperan in Sweden.

Jubal is constantly looking for ways to explore the realm of imagery through collaboration with artists and producers across the globe, utilizing his intuitive kinesthetic timing and dance-honed aesthetics.

His long-term collaboration with NYC-based choreographer Sidra Bell culminated in the 2011 book “Persona.” While working in Sweden, he photographed for ilDance and further developed his P^4: Post-Performance Portrait Project. Since moving to Berlin in 2014, Jubal has created imagery with choreographer Josep Caballero García and Roderick George. He is currently collaborating with Sebastian Matthias // groove space and assisting renowned Berlin-based photographer, Olaf Blecker.

*text from Jubal Battisti website http://jubalbattisti.com/about-me/