A pot for the Wolfe family

A couple of months ago I got a request from a family in Düsseldorf, Dirk and Elvira: they needed a pot for a special plant they have in the family for decades. This is some sort of cactus, and the plant, which has grown a lot over the years, needed a new home. They came to Berlin to meet me and to see my work. This was a delight form the very beginning.

After a pleasant meeting in which we discussed shapes and forms… we decided to create a large pot with a life on its own. A mix between sculpture and pottery.

To create this piece for the Wolfes has been a great experience for me and working for them was great, they are truly the dream client.

Take a look…

Jojo Corväiá’s ceramics shown in a featured apartment in Berlin / Article by dti blog / Interior by Gisbert Pöppler.

This apartment in Berlin’s Charlottenburg neighbourhood is absolutely breathtaking. Having been extensively renovated, the homeowners were then looking for it to have a calm and comfortable vibe. That’s where Gisbert Pöppler comes in. Understated luxury is the result with bold colours, materials and texture, a modern vibe within classic architecture. (Photos: Wolfgang Stahr).

See all the photos at: https://www.desiretoinspire.net/2018/04/03/an-extensively-renovated-apartment-in-berlin/